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IoT Solutions

Gelectric pioneers the future of maritime efficiency with a suite of innovative IoT solutions. From Condition Monitoring to Electrical Energy Monitoring, Remote Monitoring, and Efficiency Software, our technologies ensure optimized operations, reduced costs, and environmental impact. Gelectric's IoT Solutions redefine maritime excellence, providing real-time insights and proactive management for a more efficient and sustainable industry

Condition Monitoring

Gelectric's Condition Monitoring ensures peak performance for critical electrical assets like generators, shaft alternators, pumps, and switchboards, minimizing downtime through proactive maintenance

Remote Monitoring

Empower operations with Gelectric's Remote Monitoring. From temperature tracking to analyzing existing data, gain actionable insights for enhanced efficiency and seamless system operation.

Energy Monitoring

Gain insights into electrical consumption with Gelectric's Electrical Energy Monitoring. Analyze consumption trends and take proactive measures to reduce energy usage, optimizing efficiency and cutting operational costs.

Efficiency Calculator

Gelectric's Efficiency Calculator: Instant insights on savings from RPM limitation and Cold Ironing for a more efficient and eco-friendly maritime operation.

Dot Waves

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