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Condition Monitoring

Gelectric's Condition Monitoring transforms equipment management by providing real-time insights into critical asset health. With multi-asset support and predictive analytics, it enables proactive maintenance, predicting issues before they occur. Automated alerts ensure swift responses to deviations, optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing equipment lifespan for a more reliable and sustainable maritime operation.

Financial Data

Real-Time Health Assessment

Get real-time insights into the condition of your vessels’ critical systems. Our solution monitors various parameters such as vibration, temperature, and pressure, ensuring that all systems are operating within safe and optimal ranges.

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Extended Equipment Life

By proactively managing maintenance, our Condition Monitoring solution helps extend the life of your fleet's equipment, ensuring better performance and higher resale value.


Reduced Operational Costs:

Prevent unexpected breakdowns and reduce the frequency of repairs. Our solution helps in minimizing operational disruptions and associated costs, leading to a more efficient fleet management.


Proactive Health Management of Your Fleet with Advanced Condition Monitoring

Real Time Data Monitoring

The ability to monitor the condition of critical assets in real-time allows for immediate detection of anomalies or potential issues

Vibration Analysis

Predictive analytics leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze historical data and predict potential failures or issues before they occur

Alerts and Notifications

The system offer customizable alerts and notifications based on AI algorithms and predefined thresholds

Cargo Ship at Sea

Ready to Elevate Your Maritime Operations?

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