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Shaping the future of vessel

maintenance and optimization

IoT-Driven Software Solutions for Energy Efficiency in Maritime Operations

Gelectric's predictive maintenance and efficiency solutions ensure reduced downtimes and seamless regulation compliance for ships, empowering them with advanced IoT-driven software for optimal performance and sustainability.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance uses IoT and AI for real-time monitoring, early issue detection, and proactive maintenance. It is reducing downtime and optimizing performance.

Efficiency Solutions with IoT

Gelectric's efficiency solutions, powered by IoT, empower smart marine operations with real-time monitoring and data-driven insights, optimizing performance and sustainability.

Sustainable Solutions

Gelectric ensures seamless compliance by making vessels cold ironing ready at ports while addressing concerns of shaft alternator losses during reduced speed in port areas.

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"We have installed frequency converter onboard of Ulusoy 14 and have monitored and recorded 700 mt MGO saving annually. As a result of this significant saving, we have now install same solution onboard of our fleet vessels Ulusoy 15 and Ulusoy 16"

Gürcan Gür, Technical Manager

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